June 1st, the day has arrived. I have been going back and forth about doing this challenge. I finally decided I am going for it! For those of you who do not know what it is, Advocare has a 24 day challenge that includes a 10 day cleanse. I am super excited/nervous/and already thinking I am starving! ha! I am going to try to blog my journey through this, hoping it will keep me motivated and excited about it.

So here we go:

I work nights so I live an opposite life! My night is my morning. I woke up at 5pm to get ready for work. First, I have to weigh and do my measurements. Trey, my husband, had to help me with this. Oh, and he took my pictures. I just don’t want to look like those picture anymore, pictures do not lie.

You are supposed to start your day with a Spark! I have the strawberry mango and it is yummy! I was actually surprise how much I enjoyed it. I drank this on the way to work then I had to drink a fiber mix. Its thick and oh my gosh, I failed. I couldn’t do it. So, tomorrow I will have to try something different! Then the meal replacement shake! I have chocolate and I blended it  in ice! It tasted like a chocolate milk shake! I loved it! Of course, I am drinking water this whole time and will continue to all night. Two hours later my tummy started to growl, this is what I was afraid of. 😮

I had some cantaloupe and I was still hungry, this may have just been mental. ha! I waited until 11pm (my lunch time) to have some grilled chicken breast. Trey found some pre-cooked chicken at HEB that I packed for lunch, it was wonderful! It actually kept me pretty full. Now its 1:00am and I am not hungry! I am drinking my second Spark for the day and I am doing good! I have brought edamame, cucumbers, and watermelon to get me through the night. I also have another chicken breast for “dinner” but eating chicken at 5:00am seems a little weird to me even if I live backwards. So far, I am okay. It’s all mind over matter, so I need to work on my inner strength!

I guess that’s all for today. I will try to blog daily but we will see how it goes!

Thanks for readin’,

Bailey 🙂

Zumba and Water :)

Hey there! I didn’t write last week! It was a crazy week for me! I am down 2.4 this week! I am so excited and I feel so encouraged! Last week I gained .4 and I was really down. I thought I had be doing very well but the scale wasn’t showing the results I wanted to see! I talked to my health nut friend, Kate, about what was going on! She of course said “this is normal”! She gave me the best advice!

Have you ever done a detox??

I am kinda weird about that and I was very skeptical about it. It is all natural, no store bought packages or anything! It is 2 liters of water, with one cucumber, one lemon, and 12 mint leaves! It is so delicious that I even crave it! I eat like I normally do but just drink a lot of the water! I can’t say that this loss is from the drink but I really do feel great! 🙂 

The girls at work LOVE this drink! They tried it once and we were off to the store to buy stuff to have it at work, which is awesome! 🙂 

Trey, my husband, also bought me the Zumba game for the Xbox Kinect! It is so fun! When I have done Zumba before at the YMCA, I didn’t really care for it. I now understand why, I am so bad at it! haha! It is really fun to be able to do it alone or with a friend in my apartment! I laugh at myself and I sweat my buns off! I love to work out like this because its fun, it goes by really fast, and it burns calories! 


Starting Weight: 195

Current: 186.8 🙂

All glory to God, he is my strength! 


The Little Things

This week went very well! I am trying to stay aware of what I am eating and what changes I am making. I am really enjoying this and I am really encouraged. All the little things really count! I have a few “little things” to share with you that I learned this week and that I hope to apply to my diet Life Style.

My Goodies:

I love bread! I am a bread eater! For those of you who know me well, I can eat all the rolls at Texas Road House! I will be full by the time our food gets to the table, then I have to force it down. I then leave feeling miserable. I started to become aware of what type of bread I am eating. There is no way I will ever cut bread fully out of my Life Style, no way! Now, I will only eat the bread if it is whole wheat! So, now at Texas Road House I skip the bread and as soon as the waitress gets to the table for our drink order I ask for a salad, ASAP! :] I have to have something in front of me to distract me from those beautiful carbs!

I am also a HUGE fan of baked potatoes! Yumm… Full of butter and cheese! Well I have also become aware of the amount of potato I consume as well as the butter! Now, I just eat half the potato and I bring my own spray butter. (Once, I forgot my butter and I actually didn’t even put butter on my potato! Go will power!) I can leave off the cheese, that wasn’t hard for me!

Weight loss TV shows! They are so encouraging to me! I find myself recording show like “Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”. I love it! When I am down or feel like I can’t do this anymore, I watch an episode!

Do you ever get discouraged?

Like I have said before, I love to read blogs! I have found myself discouraged when I see all these fancy pictures of “weight loss foods”. I sit here like umm… I can’t even pronounce that?? I find myself VERY discouraged and think:

“How am I going to lose weight?”, “Do our stores even have that?”, and “I can only cook toast of spaghetti!”

I have everything I need! I have me and I have a grocery store! I let go of the thought of these crazy dishes that I don’t think I can make! Yay, instant freedom! I can do this! For those you who want to know what I eat I can tell you, Trey and I eat out a lot! We are young and I don’t cook very well! There is always an option!

I eat a lot of chicken, grilled chicken! Instead of fries or mashed potatoes like I would get before I go for whatever fresh veggies they have! Tons of fruit, I loooooove fruit! I always, always get a salad to start off with! Its veggies and it take off the “Holy cow, I am starving and I want to eat the whole menu!” feeling. It lets my body see that we are eating and we don’t have to overdo it, we just need some nutrition. Haha!


Feeling great and satisfied after dinner >> Feeling stuffed and miserable after dinner


This New Beginning :)

Hi there! I love to read blogs and I find them very encouraging! I enjoy journaling and I think it will be helpful to write about my weight loss journey!

Here’s how it started:

First off you must know that I have NEVER been satisfied with the way my body looks or how I feel. You also must know that I am a Christ follower and he has taught me that I am beautiful in every way possible! He makes this journey possible and he fills me with encouragement and hope! 

In High School, I was a basketball player and very, very active. When I graduated EVERYTHING changed! I still thought of myself as an athlete and I never thought I would gain the “Freshman 15” HA! I gain about 40 pounds getting up to 206! I freaked out! I went through a “behavioral change” class that taught me so much about myself! I lost 23 pounds in this 3 month course! I was thrilled. Well, as much “diets” do, I failed. Not completely, but I did go back to my old habits. I didn’t actually have a life style change, which is what was needed. I got down to 183 but then gain back 13 pounds! I got married and I am so happy. I don’t know why but in my life happiness meant food, food, food. I love to eat. 🙂

About two weeks ago, I watched a video of myself that a friend took on my phone, I was devastated! I wondered how my husband found “this” attractive! I felt awful and lazy! I started to notice things like I wore sweats all the time (when I wasn’t in my scrubs) I was not working out, I ate even when I wasn’t hungry! I made a change right that minute! 

In the past two weeks I have been taking it slow and really focusing on “What is healthy?”, “What makes me feel good?” and “Am I really hungry?” I am now at 191 and still going strong! Which is expected when you first start something like this. Well, this is now and I am starting this blog to help me stay focused and maybe give you some encouragement as well! 

Personal Goals: 

Weight: 175 (for now)

Work Out: 3x a week

Eat more FRUIT



Well, here we go 🙂



January 2012 on our Honeymoon 🙂

195 lbs.  



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